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Representing Ontario Employers and Employees

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Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) offers insurance coverage specifically focused on income support paid out due to injuries sustained in the workplace. The benefits are intended to be an income replacement during a period of disability, with the intention that the employee will eventually return to work. Employees often think of this insurance coverage as an automatic right, but in reality, it is governed by a set of proscribed regulations which can affect both the claim and the amount received. Claims can be declined if it is determined that a person is not disabled, or if the required medical documentation is not correctly completed and submitted.

At Pace Law Firm in Toronto, our lawyers assist employers and employees with all matters related to WSIB and workplace injuries.

Preparation of WSIB Claims

Both employers and employees must take certain actions when workplace accidents occur. The employer must submit an accident report, while the employee must obtain and submit medical documentation that clearly demonstrates the nature of the injuries. Our lawyers can assist with the requisite steps involved in the preparation of WSIB claims to protect both employers and employees.

Disputes Over WSIB Claims

The initial approval or denial of a claim is made by the WSIB; however, there is an appeals process that either employer or employee can initiate if they are not satisfied with the WSIB's decision. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you through the appeals process, protecting your rights and working toward the most favourable outcome.

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